About Kevin James Stallard

Bridal Veil Falls


My first camera was a Band-Aid box. Yes a light sealed box was the camera I created, and used to capture the beginning of my journey.

Later I learned to photograph on film and transparencies.

Today I use a blend of Medium format Mamiya 645 AFD (film) a DSLR Nikon D810


I was born and raised in Northern California honored to be the son of Bernice, and James Stallard

My joy (Photography) has allowed me to enjoy Nature in all its splendor.

Truth be told 2009 was titled the “Summer of a lifetime” due to so many treks into the Sierra.

When I photograph landscapes I imagine what I want to capture, and wait for the scene to unveil itself. My goal in photographing a subject is to capture both the nature of the subject through my paradigm. When my images are viewed I want my images to evoke an emotion.

My dream, was always to photograph the Andes, as I am a lover of Condors.

My favorite photographer, Ansel Adams, and favorite Book , “The Camera”

I Love combing the Sierra in it’s a never ending spectacle of beauty.

I hope through my Galleries we can share this journey together.


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